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Aroma SqueezeMe Dough Energising Stress Ball


Based on the old children’s favourite play dough, this is a silky smooth orange coloured, wheat based dough enriched with grapeseed oil and pure essential oils. This Energising dough is enriched with organic essential oils of Grapefruit and Geranium.

This is a delightful therapeutic sensory product for adults where creativity and therapy blend together easily. You can use the dough purely like a stress ball and just squeeze or you can shape it or pull small pieces off to roll into balls or oblong shapes and then place creatively - into flowers, birds and so on.  

We suggest you use a clean firm surface such as a table or tray. Remember to put away in the resealable pouch when you have finished or it will dry out. Works of art can always be photographed before tidying away!


Proudly made in the United Kingdom.

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