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Wholesale Aromatherapy - Aroma Play Dough

If you are the owner or buyer of a high street gift shop, toy shop, spa or a suitable online store our aromatherapy play dough products, for all ages, would make a lovely addition. Packaged in bright and colourful pouches they display well anywhere.

aroma play dough

Everyone loves squidgy play dough as it must form part of our DNA by now! So we bring you a range of play dough products with the added benefits that only blends of pure essential oils can bring.

Our aromatic doughs are designed to help both big and little people relax, focus or feel more energetic and uplifted. These all have a sound track record having been around for many years in the sensory therapy and education marketplace.

With the attitude to mental health becoming much more proactive and positive everyone should have easy access to these lovely aromatic play dough products. They are a handy product to turn to if stressed, hyped up or suffering some form of depression and in need of something therapeutic to do, without reaching for any extra medication.

The play doughs are also useful for someone recovering from an illness. They are helpful for people who have had a heart attack or stroke, or anyone with arthritis, hyperactivity, autism and similar.

aromasqueezeme aromatic play dough for adults

Our aromatic doughs are also lovely for anyone who likes to be creative and at the same time feel the aromatic benefits of the essential oils.

Adults who think these are only for squeezing like a stress ball can get even more fulfilling results when they think back to how they used play dough in their childhood and our pouches come with some simple and effective ideas printed on the reverse.

If you are interested in selling any of our aromatherapy play dough products please contact us here or by telephone on 0845 475 1864. We will email you prices and terms.

Charities & Schools:

If you would like to buy any of our play dough products to help fund-raise please get in touch for pricing.

Independent Sales Agents:

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in adding any of our products to your portfolio.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!


Trade procedure and information:
All shipping will be quoted at cost. Please place your order in writing. We will confirm and then raise an invoice. When paid for the goods will be dispatched. Credit for 30 days maximum can be arranged for companies wanting to place regular orders (a minimum of 3 a year), after the third order has been completed. (Minimum order value for credit £200.00) Payment can be made by bank transfer, or by card over the phone for orders up to £200.00. All prices are subject to VAT.