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Using Aromatherapy Creatively

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lavenderMost people understand that aromatherapy is something to do with essential oils that are used for massaging parts of the body or that are added to toiletries, air diffusers and cleaning products.

It is generally acknowledged that essential oils play an important role in our health and well-being so apart from the traditional uses for essential oils what other products are out there that we can all benefit from easily?

Over recent years essential oils have started to find their way into that good old fashioned creative pastime - play dough, turning it into a wonderfully aromatic play dough. It is no longer confined to children as the benefits of handling the wonderfully aromatic, silky soft play dough is appealing to all ages.

aroma play dough

Aromatic play dough provides sensory and tactile stimulation as the hands roll and smooth the dough into different shapes and sizes. The creative side of the brain is stimulated too as simple shapes can be built up. It is not a requirement to be good at modelling clay to achieve something attractive. This can be done easily from combining lots of small ball shapes and putting them together to form another shape like a flower, snake, animal etc..When finished for the day you are going to roll your work of art up again into a large ball as this kind of play dough needs to be used many times before being discarded, and it cannot be left out of its container for too long or it will start to dry out - even with all the oils in it. You can always take a photograph of your work of art if you are pleased with it.

A little colour therapy can be found in many aromatic doughs, associating each with the appropriate essential oils for maximum benefit. Yellow is good for clarity of the mind; red is good for helping to give energy; orange is warm and cheering; blue is cooling and calming; green is the colour of nature, bringing balance and healing.

So whether you are a parent looking for something to make creative play more interesting and therapeutic for your child, or you want the same benefits for yourself, a relative or friend, go ahead and try it. You never know what creativity and benefits it will bring unless you try some!

Aroma Dough

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